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Hotels and Restaurants in Ujjain

The holy city of Ujjain is famous for its Mahakal temple and many other religious and monumental places. Every year innumerable devotees visit the city to seek the blessings from the holy deity. Just like other parts of the city there are numerous hotels in Ujjain but with an exception. In this part of Madhya Pradesh you could hardly find any hotel without attached vegetarian restaurant. Most of the hotels are attached with a restaurant and are known for offering high quality vegetarian food. Many devotees on fasting prefer fruitsalad or sabudana dosas preapared with rock salt as a replacement for regular salt. You can order for high quality food right from your room. The attached restaurants are mostly located in the ground floor area of any hotel. Apart from these restaurants there are many individual restaurants offering popular vegetarian food in Ujjain. Thus staying in the hotels in Ujjain can be a good idea as you do not have to worry about your meals and other arrangements. Further the charges of the hotel are also affordable and within the budget. Below is the list of Hotels and Restaurants in the city.

Famous Hotels in Ujjain

Hotels in Ujjain

Hotel Rama Krishna

Address: 27,Subhash Marg,Opposite Railway Station, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh- 456010
Phone No:0734-2557012,0734-4061725,91 8085668338,91 9893565655,91 9893565654
Facilities: Travel Desk, Multi cuisine restaurant, Medical assistance, Direct phone, Lodging, Internet services
Email Id: Info@hotelramakrishna.co.in
Website: www.hotelramakrishna.co.in
Tariff:INR 600-INR 1000

Mittal Avenue

Address: Nanakheda Ring Road,Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh- 456010
Phone No:0734-2533486, 0734-2533487, 0734-2533489
Facilities: Vegetarian restaurant, Parking Facility, Roof top restaurant, Lodging(Executive rooms and Suites), Banquet Hall
Email Id: info@hotelmittalavenue.com
Website: www.hotelmittalavenue.com
Tariff: INR 1600-INR 4000

Shipra residency

Address: University Road,Near Madhav Club, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh- 456010
Phone No: 0734-2551495, 0734-2551496
Facilities: Banquet Facility, Internet Services, Help desk
Tariff:INR 2300-INR 5000

Kanha Hotel & Restaurant

Address: 9, Bakshi Bazar Raja Bhaou, Mahakal Marg, Gudri Chauraha, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh- 456006
Phone No: 91 9826048585, 0734-4041502
Facilities: Medical Assistance, Internet services, Lodging(A/C Deluxe room, Executive room)
Email Id: kanhammt@gmail.com
Website: www.kanhahotelujjain.com
Tariff: INR 1200-INR 2200

Hotel Shanti Palace

Address: Near Nanakheda busstand, Hari atak ring road, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh-456010
Phone No: 91 9926066773,91 9425915433,0734-2533302,0734-2533303,0734-2533304
Fax No: 0734-2533301
Facilities: Convention and Banquet facilities,Parking facility, Laundry service,Medical assistance, Internet service, Fax service
Email Id: contact@hotelshantipalace.com, hotel_shantipalace@rediffmail.com
Website: www.hotelshantipalace.com
Tariff: INR 1450- INR 2600

Hotel Surana palace

Address: 3 GSC Dusshera Maidan, GSC Dusshera Maidan , Ujjain , Madhya Pradesh-456010
Phone No: 91 7428844440
Facilities: Conference and Banquet facility,Lodging
Email Id: info@hotelsgds.com
Website: www.hotel-surana-palace-ujjain-madhya-pradesh.hotelsgds.com
Tariff: INR 1300-INR 1700

Yatrika nivas

Address: Near Nankheda Bus Stop Indore Road, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh- 456010
Phone No:0734-2511398
Facilities: Lodging
Tariff: INR 1000- INR 1600

Ashray Hotel

Address: 77, Dewas Road, Dewas Road, St Nagar, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh- 456010
Phone No:0734-2519303
Facilities: Conference and exhibition hall, Banquet hall , Lodging, Multi cuisine restaurant
Website: www.hotelashray.comTariff: INR 800-INR 2000

Hotel Atlas

Address: Subash Road,Inder Gate,Ujjain Madhya Pradesh - 456010
Phone No: 0734-2560473
Facilities: lodging
Tariff: INR 700-INR 2000

Hotel Prem Palace

Address: 16/1, Madhav Club Road, Freeganj, Freeganj, Sindhi Colony, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh 456001
Phone No: 0734-2552070
Facilities: Landry service, Parking facility, Multi cuisine Restaurant(Indoor and Outdoor), Medical assistance
Tariff: INR 900-INR 1700

Hotel Avantika

Address: Near Nanakheda Bus Stop, Indore Road, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain,Madhya Pradesh-456001
Phone No: 0734-2511398
Facilities: Lodging,Internet services
Tariff: INR 1000-INR 1600

Grand Tower Hotel

Address: 1 Vikram Marg, Near Clock Tower, Madhav Nagar, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh- 456010
Phone No:0734-2553700
Facilities: Lodging, Laundry Service, Multi cuisine Restaurant
Tariff: INR 1500-INR 2300

Hotel Anand palace

Address: Near Nanakheda Bus stand, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh- 456010
Phone No: 0734-2533793, 0734-2533211, 91 9301162018
Facilities: Travel desk,Laundry service,Guide facility, Terrace garden, Parking facility
Email Id: anandpalacehotel@gmail.com
Tariff: INR 900-INR 1500

Hotel Muskan Palace

Address: Doodh Talai Near Railway Station, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh-456010
Phone No: 0734-4010790, 0734-2552142
Fax No: 0734-4090005
Facilities: Internet service, Laundry service, Terrace garden
Cuisine: North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental
Email Id: contact@hotelmuskanalaceujjain.com
Tariff: INR 1400-INR 1900

Fort Amla

Address: Heritage Village Amla, Tehsil: Barnagar, Ujjain-456010
Phone No: 91 9977833323
Facilities: Buffet ,Lodging
Email Id: fortamla@gmail.com
Tariff: INR 5000-INR 6500

Hotel Imperial

Address: Near Hari Phatak, Over Bridge, Indore Road, Ujjain,Madhya Pradesh- 456001
Phone No: 0734-2551904
Facilities: Lodging, Multi cuisine Restaurant, Laundry service
Tariff: INR 1750-INR 3200

Kabir Hotel

Address: 22/1 Railway Station Road ,Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh- 456010
Phone No: 0734-2556191,0734-2552502, 0734-2552458
Facilities: Parking facility, Restaurant,Laundry Facility
Tariff: INR 800-INR 1000

Girnar Hotel

Address: Malgodown Road, Ujjain HO, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh - 456001
Phone No: 0734-2554161, 91 9993116990, 91 9826950384, 0734-4010800
Facilities: Lodging, Laundry service
Tariff: INR 500-INR 1000

Hotel Mahakal Palace

Address: Mahakaleshwar Temple, Jaisinghpura, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh 456001
Phone No: 0734-2551543,91 9893189790,91 9827316546,91 9425917170
Facilities: Parking facility, Lodging,Laundry Facility, Medical assistance
Email Id: info@hotelmahakalpalace.com
Website: www.hotelmahakalpalace.com
Tariff: INR 1100-INR 2600

Hotel Raj Palace

Address: Near Patidar Hospital, Freeganj,Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh-456010
Phone No:0734-2530325,0734-4011006, 91 9826071290
Facilities: Restaurant, Conference hall, Lodging
Email Id: info@hotelrajpalaceujjain.com,info@sagarrestaurant.in
Website: www.hotelrajpalaceujjain.com
Tariff: INR 1000-INR 1500

Ajay Hotel

Address: Dewas Road, Ujjain HO, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh - 456001
Phone No: 0734-2550856, 91 9229698691
Facilities: Laundry service,Lodging
Tariff: INR 450-INR 1200

Hotel Shreemaya

Address: 62, Kshapank Marg, Freeganj, Ujjain, Freeganj , Ujjain , Madhya Pradesh- 456010
Facilities: Travel desk, Laundry service, Parking facility, Medical assistance
Tariff: INR 600-INR 1000

Hotel Preeti

Address: 25 Subhash Marg, Railway Station Road, Ujjain, Subhash Marg , Ujjain , Madhya Pradesh- 456010
Facilities: Laundry service, Parking facility, Lodging
Tariff: INR 500-INR 1000

Hotel Satyam

Address: No.125, Mahakal Temple,Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh- 456006
Phone No: 91 9425917846
Facilities:Medical assistance, Lodging, Internet facility
Email Id: ujjainhotelsatyam@gmail.com
Website: www.hotelsatyam.in
Tariff: INR 1500-INR 2200

Shagun Yatri Grah

Address: 36, Harsiddhi Marg, Near Mahakaleshwar Temple, Behind Mahakal Police Station,Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh- 456010
Phone No: 919302220170, 919300727918, 919907029508.
Facilities: Travel desk, Lodging, Tour services
Website: www.shagunyatrigrah.com
Tariff: INR 1200-INR 1400

Hotel Pleasure Landmark

Address: 98, Mahakal Marg, Begam Bag Chouraha, Ujjain , Madhya Pradesh- 456001
Phone No: 0734-2552788
Website: www.hotelpleasurelandmark.com
Tariff: INR 800-INR 1200

Zharokha Restaurant

Address: Clock Tower, Vikram Marg, Freeganj, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India
Phone No: +91-734-2553699

Celebrity Restaurant

Address: 282/1, Prakash Nagar, Near Old Over Bridge, Ingoria Road,
Nagda, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India

Aarti Restaurant

Address: 16, Jawahar Marg, Nagda, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India
Phone No: +91-96910-45111

Sudama Restaurant

Address: 30 Subhash Marg, Ujjain Madhya Pradesh 456010 India
Phone No: +91-8085668338

(Note: Above mention tariff are subject to change)

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