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Legal Services in Ujjain

Legal suits and litigation have become order of the day. In many cases victims seems to be unaware of various laws relating to civil and criminal matters. From issues relating to property disputes to any industrial matters all requires whole some understanding of laws and its provisions. Here come the role of lawyers who are can argue your case in the court. Just like several parts of India in Ujjain also you can find various civil and criminal lawyers ready to take up your cases in District Courts, High Courts and also Supreme Court of India. They are expert in Cyber laws, Company Law Matters, Custom Duty Matters, Corporate Governance related services, Excise Duty Matters, Income Tax Matters, Wealth Management Services, Wealth Tax Matters and many other civil and criminal matters.

List of Prominent Lawyers in Ujjain

Legal Services in Ujjain

Amit Upadhyay
Address: 38,Chobis Khamba Marg, Opp-Gudri Chouraha,
Mahakal Road, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9893288394,9826438373

Manoharlal Rathore Advocate
Address:132/2 Opp Badi Pipal Kajipura, Ujjain, 456001,
Ankapat Marg Ujjain, Ujjain H O Ujjain, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2574877

Shri Jiyalal Sharma
Address:17, Ujjain 456001, Baxi Bazar, Ujjain H O, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2585789

Dharmendar M Sharma
Address:314,Mig-2 Indra Nagar, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9826011640

Ghan Shyam Soni
Address: 128.Sethinagar, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9229568683

Himansu Sharma
Address:28, Ksheer Sagar Colony, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9926180371

Madan Lal Duggad
Address:1, Yuvraj Library Gali, Chhatrichowk,Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9425380339

Manohar Lal Rathore
Address:14 Chand Ka Kua, Naya Pura, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9827204550

Shrimati Mukta Shrivastava
Address:98/1, Subhash Nagar, Samber Road, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9826218231,9425094397

Pratap Maheta
Address:21, Dashera Maidan, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9425092802

Rajendra Singh Sodani
Address: 2, Ram Krishna Colony, University Road, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9827223694

Ranjeet Kalra
Address:8, Sardar Pura, Devas Road, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9406649664

Mahant Rajendra Bharti
Address:52, LIG , Indra Nagar, Agar Road, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9425092500

Sudarshan Ladda
Address:C-8/4, Rishi N Agar, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9826279028

Umesh Sharma
Address:84/1, Vishnupura, Heavy Engineear Ki Gali, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9827217353

Rakesh Bhargav
Address:Advocate, Ujjain, 456010, 67 University Road,
Near Langar Petrol Pump, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2517724

Madhukar Asthputray
Address: Narendru 50, Rajasv Colony, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9826060598

Laxmi Raghubansi
Address:12, Chambal Marg, Nagda, Ujjain - 456335
Phone No:+91-9827555698

Laeek Ahemad Ansari Tanveer Ansari
Address:20, Jawahar Marg, Bus Stand, Nagda, Nagda, Ujjain - 456335
Phone No:+91-9826669101

Hitendar Kumar Vasen
Address:301,Chambal Sagar Coloney, Nagda, Ujjain - 456335
Phone No:+91-9827673177

Kamal Malviya
Address:139/3 Ojha Colony, Nagda, Ujjain - 456335
Phone No:+91-9827760767

Address:Rui Gada Road, Unhel, Ujjain - 456221
Phone No:+91-9977348695

Shankar Singh Tomer
Address: Dharam Nagar Colony, Mahidpur, Mehidpur, Ujjain - 456443
Phone No:+91-9009002021

Devendra Prasad Mukhiya
Address: 26 Dashara Medan, Mehidpur Road, Ujjain - 456440
Phone No:+91-9425958958

Ajay Singh Bhatiya
Address: Railway Station Aslawada, Aajdawada, Ujjain - 456776
Phone No:+91-9926301223

Anurag Sharma
Address: 47,Agra Ka Bada Panadriba, Aajdawada, Ujjain - 456776
Phone No:+91-9826248437

Subhash R Maheshwari & Company
Address:182/12, Indore Gate, Tilak Marg, Ujjain City, Ujjain - 456006
Phone No:+91-9425093358, 7389716163,0734-2555566

Vinod Chandra Dubey
Address: 48, Bhakt Nagar, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9827586588

Manish Baidya
Address:C 37/5, Rishinagar Extansion, Ujjain Bherugarh, Ujjain - 456003
Phone No:+91-9424877845

Smt Samta Patel
Address:130/131, Rnt Marg, Abdullapura, Ujjain Bherugarh, Ujjain - 456003
Phone No:+91-9301322699

Sunil Dubey
Address:30, Kartik Chaowk, Barahi Mata Gali, Ujjain Bherugarh, Ujjain - 456003
Phone No:+91-9425985640

Surendar Amehta
Address:6/8, Nagar Seri, Urdupura, Ujjain Bherugarh, Ujjain - 456003
Phone No:+91-9229484514

Saiyyad Khurshid Ahmad
Address:43, Ujjain Bherugarh, Ujjain - 456003
Phone No:+91-9827276519

Dalchand Kushwaha
Address:S H 388, Vishab Benk Coloney, Near Water Tank,
Sandipepni Nagar, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9826795942

Anil Sharma
Address:Sarrfa Chowk, Badnagar, Ujjain - 456337
Phone No:+91-9425365591

I A Kureshi
Address:Police Thane Ke Samne Badnagar, Badnagar, Ujjain - 456337
Phone No:+91-9826398228

Ajay Jain
Address:Dewas Gate, Ujjainujjain, 456001, 23 - Tulsi Nagar Hira Mill Road, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2550552

Amar Singh Pawar
Address:82-A Sethi Nagar, Ujjain, 456010, Freeganj, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2515134

Ashok Bhanupriya
Address:51, Opposite Shri Ram Market, Daharipitha, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2558142, 91-9827062593

Basanti Lal Pathak
Address:Advocates, Ujjain, 456001, - 18 - Dewas Gate,Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2550801

Chaturvedi Surendra K
Address:Advocate, Ujjain, 456006, 10 Bherugarh, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2580262

Dinesh Chandra Pandya
Address:Advocate, Margujjain, 456010, 47 Pranjal Palace,Mahesh Nagar, Ankpat, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2576860

Dwarkadhish Choudhary
Address:38/8 Vishvavidhyalay Marg, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2530888,91-9827011520

Gaud Mahesh Kumar
Address:Advocate, Ujjain, 456006, 32 Shri Krishna Colony, Ankpat Marg, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2575661

Goyal Shailendera Kumar
Address:118/1, Ujjain, 456006, Budhwariya Main Road, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2552067

Gupta Braj Mohan
Address:084, Ujjain, 456006, Nazarali Marg, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2559111

Ismaile Shekh
Address: Advocate, Ujjain, 456001, 2 Madar Gate, Ujjain H O Ujjain, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2557315

Jahid Noor Khan
Address: Advocates, Ujjain, 456001, 17 Fawara Chowk, Ujjain H O Ujjain, Ujjain - 456001\
Phone No: 0734-2555953

Jain Rajendera Kumar Maru
Address: 37 Dada Bhai Nouroji Marg, Ujjain, 456001, Kharakuwa, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2559668

Joshi Omprakash
Address: 38/1/18 Chubis Khamba Marg, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2585497

Kailash Daima
Address:8 Mussdipura, Ujjain H O Ujjain, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2558332

Ku.Kunda Wagh
Address: H-3/1 E.W.S. Rishi Nagar, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2510674

Address:101 Sant Nagar, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2514688

Manoharlal Rathore
Address:132/2 Opp Badi Pipal Kajipura, Ujjain, 456001,
Ankapat Marg Ujjain, Ujjain H O Ujjain, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2574875

Nalin Gupta
Address:138 Dashera Maidan, Opp-Nehru Park, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2519215

Popli Inder Pal
Address:260/460 Ews Indira Nagar, Ujjain, 456006,
Makodia Aam Near Pani Ki Tanki, Ujjain H O Ujjain, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2580321

Pt.Narayan Sharma
Address:203, Ujjain 456010, Damdama, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2511341

Qureshi Mohammed Zuber
Address:23/3, Ujjain, 456006, Ahilya Bai Marg, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2556201

Rajendra Banthinyan
Address:Ashok Talkies Compound, Ujjain, 456010,
25/6 Vikram Marg, Ujjain H O Ujjain, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2560437

Rajesh Joshi
Address:10/2, Ujjain, 456001, Bahadur Ganj, Ujjain H O Ujjain, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2555111

Ramnarayan Pathak
Address:42 Ghantaghar Marg, Ujjain, 456010, Free Ganj, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2515631

Sarman Prasad Koshta
Address:5/2 Amapura, Ujjain, 456010, Desai Nagar, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2530473

Address:8 Ankpat Marg Kanthal, Ujjain, 456001, Main Road, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2556963

Sharma Badriprasad
Address:302/502 Ews, Ujjain, 456001, Indira Nagar Infront Pani Ki Tanki,Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2580629

Sharma Kishore Kumar
Address:13 Dhaba Ghati, Ujjain, 456006, Behind Swarnkar Dharmashala, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:0734-2584380

Legal & Right Property Consultant
Address: 60-Gordhan Dham Nagar, Near Agarwal Hospital,
Indore Road, Ujjain Sindhi Colony, Ujjain - 456010

Legal Corporate Solution Services
Address:105, S K Colony, Shivarpan, Ankpat Marg, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No:+91-9300279446,0734-2575460

C K Jain & Associates
Address: Tower Chowk, Ujjain, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone No: +91-9425195967,0734-2552100

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