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Sweet Shops in Ujjain

The City of Ujjain besides being a pilgrimage centre is also known for its appetizing ethnic snacks and sweet dishes. Some of the delicious namkeen for which the city is famous are sev namkeen, matar namkeen, falahari namkeen, dal namkeen, dal moth, barik sev. The city is also famous for its sweet dishes including jalebis and imertis. You can visit prominent sweet stores to get the taste of these famous dishes of Ujjain. Whenever traveling to Ujjain get taste of these dishes and also get them packed for your near and dear ones who will really appreciate these famous snacks of the holy city.

Sweet and Snacks Stores in Ujjain

List of Prominent Sweet Shops in Ujjain

Laxmi Sweet Stores
Address:Dulatgang Ujjain, Ujjain - 456006
Phone Number:0734-2560214

Swagat Sweets & Namkeen
Address:Santram Sindhi Colony, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:0734-2516540, 09827047545

Bhola Guru & Sons
Address:Ram Ji Ki Gali, 25, Sarafa, Nagda Town, Ujjain - 456771
Phone Number:0734-2557100, 2555284

Shree Mishthan Bhandar
Address:50, Near Tower Chowk, Amar Singh Marg, Freeganj, Ujjain - 456010
Phone Number:09425915885, 8889978899, 0734-2513212

Bikaner Nishthhan Bhandar
Address:16, Kathera Trade Center, Nagda, Ujjain - 456335
Phone Number:09039868825

Jain Namkeen
Address:45, Mg Road, Nagda, Ujjain - 456335
Phone Number:09425986233

Shree Krishna Misthan Bhandar
Address:Near Hotel Ajay, Dewas Gate, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09826233391, 9424878028,0734-2560191

Gehot Sweets
Address:Near State Bank, 5, Budhwariya, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09754583396

Shree Nath Sweets
Address:Jawahar Marg,Nagda, Nagda, Ujjain - 456335
Phone Number:09993141777

Radheshyam Mawa Bhandar & Jaykishan Sweets
Address:160/1, Mawa Bazar, Nagda Town, Ujjain - 456335
Phone Number:09754797797, 0734-2557673

Shree Mahaveer Sweets
Address:Jawahar Marg, Nagda, Ujjain - 456335
Phone Number:09908045541

Gurukripa Sweets
Address:Shukrabaria Bazar, Khachrod, Ujjain - 456224
Phone Number:09826618251

Gelda Mishthan Bhandar
Address:Subhash Marg, Khachrod, Ujjain - 456224
Phone Number:07366-230305

Jain Namkeen Bhandar
Address:Rajendra Marg, Mehidpur, Ujjain - 456443
Phone Number:09425332692

Anand Sweets
Address:Rajendra Marg, Mehidpur, District- Ujaain, Mehidpur, Ujjain - 456443
Phone Number:09826340782

Shree Keshariya Mishthan Bhandar
Address:Kanthal Churaha New Road, Ujjain - 456006
Phone Number:09926299167

Maheshwari Ke Namkeen
Address:Tanki Chouk, Ujjain - 456006
Phone Number:0734-2558794

Satguru Sweets
Address:Beyabani Chouraha, Ujjain - 456006
Phone Number:09993904541

Gurukripa Namkeen & Sweets
Address:Khajur Wali Masjid, Ujjain - 456006
Phone Number:09977128109

Satyug Sweet Shop
Address:Gudri Choraha, Mahakal Road, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09827580045, 0734-2585734

Gopal Krishna Sweets Centre
Address:Dhaba Road, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:08109507665

Mayur Sweets
Address:Dhaba Road,Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09770706560

Raju Sweets
Address:Topkhana, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09827222828

Shree Radha Kishan Petha Bhandar
Address:Malipura, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09098066387

Shree Keshariya Misthan Bhandar
Address:Opposite Railway Station, Dewas Gate, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:08109773740, 9926299167

Sapna Sweets & Namkeen
Address:Railway Station Ke Samney, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09424014520

Shriji Misthan Bhandar
Address:181, Dewas Gate, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09977761201

Bombay Sweets & Namkeen
Address:Shop No 5, Bus Stand, Dewas Gate, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09827793130

Gokul Dugdhalay
Address:Doulat Ganj Chouraha, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09407437070

Bafna Namkeen And Sweets
Address:Near Safi Gate, 127, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:0734-2557130, 3296111

Dwarakadish Sweets & Namkeen Center
Address:13, M.G. Road, Badnagar, Ujjain - 456337
Phone Number:09300207132

Shyam Sweets
Address:Shivaji Raod, Badnagar, Ujjain - 456337
Phone Number:09827640236

Jain Mithai Bhandar
Address:95, Gandhi Chowk, Badnagar, Ujjain - 456337
Phone Number:09827640338

Sarover Sweets
Address:New Bus Stand, Badnagar, Ujjain - 456337
Phone Number:09298550429

Naman Gajak & Kulfi House
Address:72, Chhota Sarafa, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09406605478

Babu Ustad Gajak Center
Address:Daulatganj, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09575614634

Parvatinandan Namkeen Bhandar
Address:27, Manana Marg, Sarafa, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09827579474,0734-2563257

Shri Ganesh Mishtthan Bhandar
Address:28, Bada Sarafa, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09827425568

Baba Namkeen & Sweets
Address:Near Patidar Publication, Rani Laxmibai Marg, Malipura, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number :09713911441

Tirupati Gajak Bhandar
Address:24,Khamba Mandir Ke Samne, Gudri Chouraha, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09691757555

Sapna Sweets
Address:Indore Gate, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:0734-2558916

Choice Sweets
Address:30, Hari Phatak Road, Ujjain Ho, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09827563561

Dhaval Fenny
Address:15, Dhaba Road, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:0734-2576296

Manhar Sweets
Address:16, Magarmuha, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09827346470, 0734-2585343, 3129595

Jai Shree Mahakaal Sweets
Address:19, Magarmuha, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:0734-2584124

Shree Bajrang Sev & Mishthan Bhandar
Address:Patni Bazar, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:0734-2585325

Jai Jai Mishthan Bhandar
Address:Mahakal Road, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09993737127

Shri Aanand Mishthan Stores
Address:48,K.D.Gate ,Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:0734-2575526

Shree Ji Sweets
Address:Indira Nagar, Makodiyam, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:0734-2580807

Vijay Namkeen & Sweets
Address:Agar Road, Ujjain - 456001
Phone Number:09676358076

Navratan Sweets Bhandar
Address:58, Freeganj, Kamla Nehru Marg, Freeganj ,Ujjain - 456010
Phone Number:09406625502, 9039515872

Agarwal Sweets And Namkeen
Address:4,Gali, Har Phool Wali Gali,Freeganj, Vikram Marg, Freeganj, Ujjain - 456010
Phone Number:09425985852

Shree Misthan Bhandar
Address:50, Freeganj, Amar Singh Marg, Freeganj, Ujjain - 456010
Phone Number:09425091085

Shree Ram Misthan Bhandar
Address:51, Shiv Mandir Ke Paas, Freeganj, Amar Singh Marg, Freeganj, Ujjain - 456010
Phone Number:09827740259, 9770355325

Shree Ram Sweets Corner
Address:Dhaba Road, Ujjain City, Ujjain - 456006
Phone Number:09826725467

Ashok Sweet Store
Address:6, Mawa Bazar, Ujjain City, Ujjain - 456006
Phone Number:09827680818

Shree Laxmi Sweets & Namkeen
Address:Muni Nagar, Ujjain Rishi Nagar, Ujjain - 456010
Phone Number:09827648869

Shiv Sweet Corner
Address:Jawahar Marg,Nagda, Nagda, Ujjain - 455111
Phone Number:09827293169

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