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The famous holy city of Ujjain is visited every year by lakhs of pilgrims. This has brought it on the map of India and world. Being a popular holy city it has well structured health care services to handle any emergency situation.Ujjain has a notable health care services provided by both Government run hospitals and the privately owned health care centers in the city. The city being in close proximity to the commercial capital Indore is exploring much in the medical field. The Government of Madhya Pradesh has set up state of art medical and investigation facilities providing people free health care services in the city.

Health Care Services Ujjain

The Government has also established several primary health care centers to cater to the nominal health care needs of the city. Apart from the government established hospitals the private sector have emerged into the city providing technology enabled contemporary services through experienced medical professionals. There have been an escalating amount of private hospitals and clinics budding as the city's communal facilities can significantly diverge in eminence and standards.

Healthcare Scenario in Ujjain

The growth and development of the region is highly dependent on the human development indices. The reach of healthcare is one of the decisive measures to measure the performance of the country.The health care industry has developed manifold motivated by numerous factors like demographics, increased health awareness and accessibility of affordable medical care. In order to enhance the medical infrastructure in the country the government has adopted steps to reduce import duties on the medical equipment and promoting all avenues of medical tourism in the country.The first medical college set up in the Ujjain city is the Ruxmaniben Deepchand Gardi Medical College which is the first private college in Madhya Pradesh. The city also has a hospital attached to the medical college.There is a research centre associated with the institute providing the students hands on experience.

Ruxmaniben Deepchand Gardi Medical College

Address: Agar Road, Surasa, Ujjain
EMail : [email protected]
Website :
Phone : 07368-261235

Governmental Health Care Facilities in Ujjain

Health Services in UjjainThe Government has a well established civil hospital and TB Hospital in Ujjain is equipped to handle emergencies. The hospital also has upgraded facilities like Intensive care unit (ICU), a post-operative unit, experienced medical fraternity to cater to the patients. Services such as infant care, birth control, emergency medical services and paramedical care are offered in these hospitals. The TB hospital in the city has an outpatient department, laboratory and X-Ray services which are established by the state government exclusively for Tuberculosis patients. The treatment is done free of cost and the nutritional needs of the patients are taken care. The hospitals run by the government in Ujjain are mentioned below.

Civil Hospital

Address:Agar Road, Sindhi Colony,Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh-456001
Phone: 0734-2551077,0734-2551078,0734-2516571,0734-2516572,0734-2516573

T.B Hospital

Address: Agar Road,Ujjain HO, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh- 456001
Phone: 0734-2557400, 91 9926910448
Services: General Hospitals, Respiratory diseases

Private Health Care Services in Ujjain

The private health care system in the city has developed immensely over the years and is well established and thriving. The city has few hospitals providing global standard, faultless and integrated healthcare services. Qualified and trained doctors, nurses, adjunct staff and best-in-class professional expertise ensure that utmost medical care is given to the patients.

Ujjain Healthcare Scenario

The city being a favored tourist has well equipped emergency medical healthcare service providers as both private and public healthcare players are successful in providing those services. The sacred city is a popular hub for medical tourism and an upcoming destination with ayurvedic research institution in Ujjain. Some of the Private Hospitals in the city are Sanjeevani Hospital, Patidar Hospital, Birla Hospital. These hospitals are specialized in carrying our surgical and non surgical operations.

Allied Medical Services in Ujjain

Apart from hospital and clinics, Ujjain also has handsome number of pharmaceutical stores from where you can purchase various life saving drugs and pills at nominal cost. Managed by the trained professionals these chemist shops prove boon for all those looking for sedatives and other suggested pills . Furthermore Ujjain is also dotted with numerous pathological labs capable of conducting blood-test, stool-test and more. Many reputed path-labs have also opened their outlets in the holy city. In all we can say that adequate attention by the government and the district administration is contributing in making Ujjain a healthy city on the map of Madhya Pradesh and India.

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